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Session 5: Decision Making – May 3rd, 2022

Come prepared to share you answer to the following questions:

  1. How do you deal with the potential for loss?

Consider that losses come in many shapes and forms: losing money in an investment, personal loss of a professional opportunity, a breakup, gasp losing your cellphone, losing your way (in an unfamiliar place or in life), losing your cool, losing track of time, losing a family member, losing an argument, losing a competition, losing a bet. Often the fear of loss can be even more crippling than the loss itself. Use a personal narrative to discuss how you faced loss, how you dealt with it and lessons learned, if any.

Over the next week, practice the following:

  1. Catch yourself one time blindly accepting what someone else said (System 1)
  2. Make one change to your investment decision process
  3. Structure one decision around possibilities, probabilities, and preferences


  • Definition
  • Nature of Problem
  • Process
  • Quitting
  • Application

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