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Session 2: Communication & Networking – April 12th, 2022

Come prepared to share you answer to the following questions:

  1. How do you cultivate consciousness about what you are grateful for?
  2. What do you teach your kids about apologizing and forgiving?

Over the next week, practice the following:

  1. Practice your speaking by preparing, paying attention, and asking for feedback
  2. Offer a gift to someone you wish to engage


  • Public Speaking
  • Writing
  • Virtual Communication
  • Networking

Slide Deck

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Lecture Replay

Q&A Replay

Agenda subject to change closer to the course date.

  • Breakfast: Structured small group discussion
  • Morning Sessions: Decision Making, Interviewing
  • Lunch: Structured Small group discussion
  • Afternoon Sessions : Leadership & Management, Investment Process Roundtable
  • Cocktail Reception

Reflect on the following questions in advance of the course:

  1. What is your favorite question to ask in an interview (of a manager or a company)?
  2. What one technique to you find most effective for interviewing?

Suggested Prep:


  1. Construct one interview of a manager or company structured with intention across content and context
  2. Apply one tip to your next interview
  3. Ask for feedback on one interview

Reflect on the following questions in advance of the course:

  1. How do you deal with the potential for loss?

Consider that losses come in many shapes and forms: losing money in an investment, personal loss of a professional opportunity, a breakup, *gasp* losing your cellphone, losing your way (in an unfamiliar place or in life), losing your cool, losing track of time, losing a family member, losing an argument, losing a competition, losing a bet. Often the fear of loss can be even more crippling than the loss itself.

  1. Use a personal narrative to discuss how you faced loss, how you dealt with it and lessons learned, if any.

Suggested Prep:         


  1. Catch yourself one time blindly accepting what someone else said (System 1)
  2. Make one change to your investment decision process
  3. Structure one decision around possibilities, probabilities, and preferences

Reflect on the following questions in advance of the course:

  1. What have you found is most effective in leading others?
  2. What have you found is most effective in managing others?

Suggested Prep:         

Dive Deeper:


  1. Bring one leadership or management framework to your organization
  2. Intentionally express “fanness” to a team member

Reflect on the following questions in advance of the course:

  1. What best practice can help others in the cohort across each of the following:
    • Governance
    • Sourcing
    • Due Diligence
    • Portfolio Construction
    • Increment Value Added
  1. What is your biggest personal and professional pet peeve?

“Required” Prep:

Suggested Prep:         

Bonus content to be added closer to the course date. We will let you know what bonus content will be covered during the live session.


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Full course agenda and prep material will be provided in the coming weeks.